Early Help


  •  We ensure that children and their families are supported through our early help School Pastoral Officers.

  • We work collaboratively and sensitively with other professionals in the wider community to ensure consistent support.

  • We provide support in accordance with government  and GDPR guidelines when working with children and their families.

  • We operate within a strict safeguarding & confidentiality policy and exercise our responsibility for duty of care for those that we support. 

  • We work with families to support them in building positive and sustainable lives through 121 support, resources and trusting relationships.

  • We help families and children to build resilience, encouraging positive life choices. 

  • We support with all early help interventions helping to break down barriers

  •  We provide wrap around support services for children and young people in the community and school environment.

  • We are a team of approachable professionals that build sound links with other professional services and schools. 

  • At the heart of all that we do, is a genuine care and compassion for the children and families that we support.

Support can include :

1-1 Sessions for children in school are encouraged. This is to address issues such as anxiety, social skills, low level behaviour management and self regulation ect.

Meetings with other professionals such as TAF, ICPC/RCPC, Core Group meetings.

Completion of EHA when necessary.

Home visits and support  with appointments.

Weekly contact and updates with children, families and schools.