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When we had to move from MAT teams to providing our own early help provision, we were concerned about how we would meet the needs of our children and families.  As soon as we found out about P4YP, it seemed like the perfect solution.  We have worked with P4YP for two years now and we have found their service to be invaluable and much more comprehensive than the previous MAT team support.  We pay for one day per week and have an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner who works with our school.  There are so many benefits to working with P4YP, the main ones are:

1.      We have a regular early help worker who gets to know our children, families and school well, impacting on good relationships with all concerned.

2.      We can tailor our support to the needs of our children, families and the community.

3.      During lockdown they did doorstep visits and continued to ensure that our children and families continued to be supported during the pandemic.

4.      If we need them to attend anything out of our time, they can provide that and they are flexible with time.

Overall, I would strongly recommend P4YP as an early help service, we are so pleased that we chose them to support our school.

Family Feedback


SPO has been working with us for approximately a year now. Her help and support has been absolutely exemplary, and a vital part in helping my daughter cope with her issues.

SPO has often gone above and beyond, helping to gather information and evidences needed to progress my daughters medical issues for cahms to assess, and without her, we would be in the same situation we have been in all our lives. Without a doubt, she has been the singularly most helpful professional  person we have ever had involved with our family, and an absolute godsend.


We have been working with P4YP for over 5 years now and the service that they provide improves year upon year. 

They provide helpful, accurate and expert welfare advice to us as a school and to our families and then they tailor the support journey for each of our families to ensure it suits their needs. As a result our attendance rate has improved year upon year and is now above national expectations. 

P4YP provide us with a Pastoral Officer. The Pastoral Officer supports our children and families and ensures stability for our pupils with continued presence, to provide emotional and practical support in order that our pupils can fulfil their maximum potential. The Pastoral Officer works with our families throughout the whole year, including holiday time. They call her whenever they need her and she is always on the other end of the phone to support them, provide food parcels etc. P4YP provide an invaluable service for our school – I honestly don't know where we would be without them. 



The quality of support our families receive from our Pastoral Officer is fantastic!  She is always on hand to offer her advice and guidance to both me as a head and the families she supports. She is professional and extremely committed to improving outcomes for young people.  Throughout the recent lockdown, P4YP have found innovative ways of supporting families and schools so that regular contact was maintained with our most vulnerable families.  Since signing up with P4YP I feel we have added an extra layer in our offer as a school.  Children enjoy the sessions and several parents have gone out of their way to tell me about the impact that our SPO is having.  We can now signpost people to the help and support they need and I feel proud of our Early Help offer.  

Family Feedback


I am just writing to say how helpful SPO has been during the difficulties my son has been experiencing.


SPO has been very understanding and helped my son with a few issues, including struggling to get into school recently. 


He has got to know her over the course of their pastoral sessions in school together and her kind and skilled approach has helped him to build up trust, talk to her and feel listened to, allowing her to help him.


There is no doubt that things would have been much more difficult without SPO's support and I wanted to feedback our thanks to her.

Family Feedback

I would like to take this opportunity to show my appreciation for the amazing support we've received this last few month from SPO and this great service.

SPO's understanding and empathy for our situation has been great and the help I've received has meant alot to me and my girls. SPO video calls my child every week and my child loves the time she gets with SPO. They always do something cool and creative and my child always comes off the call happy, and full of what her and SPO have been up to!! Also SPO has supported me on several occasions by answering a message I've sent to her with a concerned phone call, she has taken her time and has helped me feel better and more positive about certain situations I've been through. The whole service is amazing and the support given to me and my girls has helped in so many ways. We're incredibly grateful for it all. I'd also like to comment on the unbelievable food parcels we've received and how much they have helped and eased some of my money worries. They have also helped spark back my love for cooking and baking with the different variety of food in these very generous food parcels. The whole service is amazing, but SPO is great, she's an asset to the team and has made a valuable difference to our lives . Many thanks, from a School Family. 


Our SPO is a real asset to the team and an excellent advocate for the parents. She is able open up constructive dialogues with those hard to reach parents who struggle to engage with other professionals and provides an extra layer of support in the community. She bridges the gap between home and school perfectly and gives us peace of mind that someone is keeping an eye our families when school is closed.


P4YP have supported many of our families with a range of early help issues. They have been professional, proactive and compassionate in supporting the school, pupils and parents both in the school and in the home-I would highly recommend their service to any school.

Student - Alternative Provision

I like coming here because I get extra support and help.

Also the staff are really lovely and help me do well with my work. 

Family Feedback


I honestly don't actually know where I would be right now if it wasn't for SPO and all of her help. We started off using the service through me and my now ex husband separating and wanted to make sure it wasn't affecting our little boy. It was definitely the best thing we have done. SPO has done brilliant work with my son at school and I know how much he loves his weekly sessions with her. SPO is very highly spoken of from my boy and I always know when he has been with her as he can't shut up about the lovely activities he gets up to, along with a lovely text message from SPO to let us know how he is getting on. During the first lockdown SPO provided us with some activities for him to do at home which he loved. SPO has also been great at supporting me through things I haven't been sure of, like how to go about getting on to the council etc and just generally there for support if I ever needed it. I have never felt so comfortable with someone and so helpful with everything.  Even during my time in hospital SPO kept me involved with how my son was getting on in school and sending me lovely messages about his progress. We both can't thank her enough for everything and wish there was more people like SPO out there. My son is so excited to start his sessions back up again once he is back at school.